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2019 til now Recap!!!

So I know it has been a year and a half since I wrote. So much has happened. A few highlights: I was lucky enough to perform one person show, Every Brilliant thing, written by my favourite, Duncan Macmillan and directed by the wonderful Ed Malone!

I did a few readings downstairs in The Irish Rep for their O'Casey Season (ebbing ever closer top getting on the bloody stage there!) I moved twice, into a glorious apartment with Danny. I collaborated on a beautiful Theatre of the Oppressed style, semi improve sorta Forum Theatre style show, Love Child with my dear friends Keely and Meghan. I did another panto at An Beal Bocht. I turned THIRTY!!! There was and still is a worldwide pandemic. People have taken to the streets in the US and all around the world to protest police brutality, racism and inequality. There have been fires and floods. Danny and I made a weird show, Cult TV in the quarantine that aired on BronxNet TV.

Then Danny put being a cult leader on hiatus. I stopped working at the beloved An Béal Bocht and decided to make art my focus. Phew!

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