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We follow Lilith, a musician and sex worker on a day that her two worlds collide. Work was screened at Bushwick Film Festival, Cork International Film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival, NY Shorts, and Fistful of Films. Written, directed and starring Aoife Williamson (2021).

This film was the first collaboration with my ride or die, Producer Marie O'Connell who grew up two fields away from me in West Cork. Unafraid of a challenge, the entire project was carried out during the pandemic. 167 beautiful people supported us through our Kickstarter campaign (THANK YOU!!!). Prep began in March of 2020 between NYC and Ireland, the shoot was October 2020 in NYC and Post Production spanned thousands of miles, with colour grading done on the Pacific West Coast, while the edit was primarily done in the Middle East.  We are proud to have had a 70% female-identifying crew,  hailing from Ireland, Mexico, Nepal, Russia, Israel and the US.

I was inspired to write this story when one of my closest friends told me she was an escort. She had kept it secret from me and her whole world for years because she was afraid of what people would think. It really bothered me that she had to keep an ordinary part of her life to herself just because, as a society, we have decided that this job, one of the oldest trades on earth, is dirty and shameful. So I wanted to write a story of a woman who chooses this work freely. She’s a young artist who has a day job, like many of us, that gets in the way of her life. The mission is to portray that sex work, for many people, is just work. I have lived in New York City for eight years, pursuing acting, so, like Lilith, I know all too well that feeling of getting a last-minute opportunity and having to summersault around my regular life just to get a shot at it. The film also touches on the immigrant experience in the US. Not having the same opportunities as US citizens, immigrants are more likely to seek "unconventional" work. Through the lens of the mythical Lilith, I wanted to examine a modern woman moving through a world that’s settings are defaulted to a male perspective. We see the subtle (Adam) and stupid (Steve) misogynies that are unfortunately a regularly consumed part of the female diet. My hope is that after watching this film, people will be left wondering about the relationships in their lives and whether there is a subtle manipulation or lack of respect present. This film is my ode to the female and all that they endure.

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